The Wilson Village BIA officially began operating in April 2014. The Board of Directors of Wilson Village BIA, is a voluntary board comprised of local business and property owners who like you, are working hard to develop a successful business.

Wilson Avenue continues to be the center of tremendous growth and a focal point for investment. This year, we look forward to keeping up the momentum of our previous Board to ameliorate the Wilson Village BIA. With the addition of residential developments and the opening of Humber River Hospital, businesses can anticipate an influx of economic activity.

In 2014, the founding Board of Directors of the Wilson Village BIA worked diligently to produce our official BIA name and logo. In addition, we saw the installation of vibrant banners and artwork to improve the overall look of Wilson Avenue. Each improvement indicative of a business community welcoming change.

Green Space

Downsview Memorial Parkette MOTH GARDENS was unveiled in June 2006. Situated at the core of the Wilson Village BIA and gateway into the Downs view community, the lovely parkette is adjacent to the bustling intersection of Keele Street and Wilson Avenue.

Winston Parkette is a small pocket of green space located at southwest corner of Wilson Avenue and Dufferin Street. Situated alongside a busy intersection and strip plaza, the parkette offers a welcome refuge. Amidst its hectic surroundings, Winston Parkette showcases a patterned wind rose at its core, with an inviting sitting area surrounded by pear trees.

Mural Art

In 2005, the north side of the Wilson Avenue underpass became adorned with its first mural commemorating Downsview’s Aviation History. A vivid rendition of multiple planes in flight surrounded by a scenic blue sky. The mural remains in pristine condition and continues to impress the local community. Created by mural artist, Angel Carrillo.
In 2008, a second mural was created on the south side of the Wilson Avenue underpass showcasing a painter painting the coliseum next to a white horse drawn cart. The mural combines intricate details with a subtle colour palette, capturing the ancient roman era. A tribute piece to the Italian heritage within the community.

In 2014, a collaboration with the Wilson Village BIA and the City of Toronto and Economic Development and Culture division resulted in a third mural for the community. Located on the side wall of Coffee Time at Wilson and Dubray Avenue, the mural, entitled “Wild Wilson”, is a unique collage expressing multiculturalism and diversity through an explosion of vibrant colour and artistic flair. With the integration of aviation and focus on urban evolution showcasing local history, economic growth and nature.

The “Wild Wilson” once again, pays tribute to the aviation legacy by showcasing an air force pilot, jet plane and vintage aircraft. Existing streetscape icons are referenced, merging past and present. The ideology of community is strengthened through the incorporation of residential homes alongside building structures indicating concurrence. Natural habitat is amalgamated with development growth through native animal and plant life signifying the importance of preserving the environment. Created by mural artist, Angel Carrillo.

What’s New

With phase 2 of our hanging baskets now underway, a total of 160 summer and winter hanging baskets have been installed along Wilson Avenue, Keele Street and Dufferin Street – a collaborative project with the City of Toronto BIA office and Wilson Village BIA.  Year-round beautification continues to be on an upward trend for the BIA.

25 tree pits along the City right of way on Wilson Avenue serve as part of the Wilson Revitalization beautification process.  The Wilson Village BIA continues to maintain and plant a variety of colourful perennials every year along the north side of Wilson Avenue to further enhance curb appeal.

Street Signs showcasing the Wilson Village BIA logo have been successfully installed throughout the BIA-   part of our branding plan to encourage business and community unification

Visit to view our new website. Fully operational by the end of December 2016. We look forward to communicating with you via social media outlets such as facebook, twitter and email. Contact us at