In order to conduct BIA business in between Board of Director Meetings, the Board has created three distinct sub-committees listed below.

Streetscape Committee

Ms. Angie D’Antonio is the Chair of the Streetscape Committee. The Streetscape Committee oversees all Capital Improvements. These improvements include streetscape beautification and maintenance, landscape enhancement and development, street furniture, area branding, banners, street signs, murals, outdoor décor and lighting. The composition of all these features delivers a distinctiveness and welcoming atmosphere to the BIA.

Streetscape Committee Members

Angie D’Antonio, Chair

Roberto Settembrini

Joe Manno

Rick Mislov

Tony Kyriakopoulos

Communication Committee

Mr. Constantine Shishis is the Chair of the Communication Committee. The Communication Committee oversees website design and content, provides periodical updates on Facebook and twitter and acts as the liaison between the BIA, the local community, businesses and property owners. Communication materials and media coverage falls within the jurisdiction of the Communication Committee.

Communication Committee Members

Constantine Shishis, Chair

Ray Manafi

John Loc Nguyen

Graciela Mantero

Tony Kyriakopoulos

Business Development Committee

Mr. Rick Mislov is the Chair of the Business Development Committee. This committee works in conjunction with the Communication Committee however, its main objective is to meet the objectives of local businesses by creating investment strategies to assist in the recognition of area businesses through promotional and advertising initiatives.

Business Development Members

Rick Mislov, Chair

Rina Camarra

Anthony Rossi

Mario De Liberato

Tony Kyriakopoulos