About Wilson Village

The Wilson Village BIA is currently in its third year of operations and continues to make substantial progress in promoting the business and residential community.  With a clear directive comprising of capital improvements, beautification, landscape design and local investment, the Wilson Village BIA’s goal is to encourage community growth and investment through the fostering of new relationships.  

Wilson Village BIA represents a flourishing community. Apart from a variety of service oriented businesses, multicultural cuisine and commercial and industrial operations, we are proud to have Humber River Hospital, North America’s first fully digital hospital in our community.

In addition, Wilson Village BIA continues to be an economic hub. With two regeneration projects currently underway at Dufferin-Wilson and Murray Road.  An exciting development is also in progress at 75 Billy Bishop Way. The face of Wilson Village BIA is changing and we look forward to continued economic prosperity.

Our Heritage

Downsview derives it’s name from John Perkins Bull, a Justice of the Peace who settled in this area around 1842. Bull named his farm “Downs View” as his property was situated on one of the highest elevations in Toronto. The Bull farmhouse included a courtroom addition and a jail which was located in the basement of the house. The John Perkins Bull house is still standing today at 450 Rustic Road where it is in use as a nursing home.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Wilson Village BIA, is a voluntary board comprised of 14 local business and property owners. The Board works in conjunction with the City of Toronto BIA office to carry out the directives approved at each Annual General Meeting of the Wilson Village Business Improvement Area.

Growing Our Community

The Wilson Village BIA officially began operating in April 2014. The Board of Directors of Wilson Village BIA is a voluntary board comprised of local business and property owners who are working hard to develop a successful business.


In order to conduct BIA business in between Board of Director Meetings, the Board has created three distinct sub-committees.